January 27, 2013

Ultimate Cebu-Bohol Adventure | 6 Days 5 Nights Itinerary for 8400 All-in Budget

In planning our Cebu Bohol trip, first, I came up of things I want to do there and here it is:

Target Activities in Cebu:
1. Have a picture in Magellan's Cross
2. Swim with the whalesharks in Oslob
3. Visit Tumalog falls also in Oslob
4. Beach bum either in Bantayan Is. or Camotes Is. (we chose the latter due to proximity)
5. Attend mass in Basilica (since we are still in Cebu on Mama Mary's birthday)
6. Eat Lechon.
7. Crown Regency Edge coaster and Skywalk

Target Activities in Bohol
1. EAT Danao The Plunge
2. Countryside tour
3. Island Hopping Tour
4. Beach bum at Alona Beach and Dumaluan Beach
5. Visit Bohol Bee Farm

And here goes the hard part - we had to narrow down our activities so that it will fit to our budget. And what is our budget? It's 8,400Php per person. In the end, we had to omit Crown Regency skywalk and edge-coaster, and chose Camotes Island over Bantayan Island. Due to time constraint, we were also not able to drop by at Bohol Bee Farm.

After much consideration...

Here's our Final Itinerary

Cebu Bohol Itinerary

Cebu Tips

Camotes Island
Baywalk Camotes Island Cebu 

Whale watching Oslob Cebu
Done with our 30 minutes encounter with the whalesharks in Oslob Cebu
Tumalog falls
Photo courtesy of Yen
Ang lameeeg lameeeg sa Tumalog falls. :))

Magellan's Cross
Finally! Magellan's Cross
(wala ng steady shot after a whole day of gala)

Getting Around Cebu City:

The cheapest way to explore cebu is via the jeepneys, but riding them are quite complicated because the jeepneys are numbered and each numbers have designated routes, good thing, most routes pass by the Magellan's cross and Basilica area where our accommodation is also located. This is also the most exciting way to get lost in Cebu City.

When riding the any public transportation, especially the jeep, don't forget the 3 words that will be commonly used: (1) "Pahilug" (means "Please"), (2) "Lugar lang" (means "Para"/"Stop"), and (3) "Daghang Salamat" (means "Thank You" - can also be used anywhere)

Other option in transportation is riding the taxi which is more expensive. However, this option is convenient for 4 person when doing the city tour. Rate starts 500php for 4 hours and additional 150php for succeeding hours. If you are group of 5 or more, you may opt for a van for hire for the whole day city tour and rate ranges from 4000php to 10,000php.

Getting To Other Towns in Cebu:

In Cebu city, you can find the integrated van terminal in SM Cebu. These van ply to different routes including Danao, the jump-off for Camotes Island. Departure time varies depending on the influx of passengers.

There are also 2 bus terminals that can be found within the city: the South Bus Terminal and the North Bus Terminal (the name of the terminal says the route). When we went to Oslob, we rode the Bus plying south of Cebu. Buses departs every hour starting 3AM. Last trip of bus from Santander (that will pass by Oslob) is I think 8PM.

Our Accommodation in Cebu:

Coco Grove Nature Resort | Camotes Island
0999 - 997 - 1723
(Note: we initially planned to stay at Mangodlong Rock Resort but it more expensive, but since they are sister resorts, we were able to use Mangodlong Rock's facilities)

Mangodlong Rock Resort

Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia
(Note: Sampaguita Suites have 2 branches, JRG and Plaza Garcia. Plaza Garcia is located near Magellan's cross, same building with Island Souvenir Shop)

Other Contacts:

For Camotes Island Pick-up/Drop-off and Camotes Island Tour:
Jeffrey Tan
0922 - 560 - 9828
**We got his number in the RORO ticket office in Danao Port

For our whale watching adventure with side trip at Tumalog falls in Tan-awan, Oslob:
Gerry and Jimmy's Whale Watching Resort and Restaurant
Kuya Jun
0923 - 912 - 5952
**This is the first resort that you will pass by when coming from Cebu City. There is an on-going construction of the resort facilities like the shower. Hopefully it's finish now.

Bohol Tips

Blood Compact Site
Lakas maki-join sa blood compact! 
The Plunge EAT Danao
Lakas ng loob maka-shorts este... Maka-The Plunge! :))
Virgin Islands
Lakas maka-swimsuit este... chill sa sand bar sa Birheng Isla!Hahaha! XD

Getting to Bohol from Cebu:

The most common way to get to Bohol from Cebu is via fastcraft ferry and there are 2 common ports in Bohol where ferries from Cebu dock - the Tagbilaran port and the Tubigon port. The Tagbilaran Port is the most common starting point of the Bohol Countryside tour, but if you want to head to EAT Danao Adventure Park, you may opt to head to Tubigon Port. This port is near EAT Danao and Sagbayan peak (1 hour travel time).

Ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran fare range from 500 to 800php (2 hours travel time) while ferry from Cebu to Tubigon range from 200 to 300php (1 hour travel time).

Our home for 2 days in Panglao Bohol:

Alonaland Resort
Rolf Eggli
0917 - 304 - 0211
**The receptionist is also kind enough to arrange our Island hopping tour and offered cheaper rate compared to the fixed rates.

Night swimming at Alonaland after half day of sleep. Haha!

Other Contact:

For the combination EAT Danao and Countryside Tour:
RJ Intano
0917 - 324 - 5488
Our driver was Kuya Marvin
**Highly recommended! They gave the cheapest rate for our Bohol tour plan. I got his number from chyngreyes.com


Planning your own Cebu Bohol Adventure? Hope this helps!

For more details of the itinerary, refer to my Cebu Bohol Series (under construction) or feel free to ask me. :))

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